Important Public News Release

Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries releases EY Final Report on Library System Review.


Scope and Operating Principles of the Library System Review


This review will consider the overall purpose of the library system in Newfoundland and Labrador. EY has been engaged as an external consultant to undertake the library review. Key components of the review are:

  • Provincial consultations, including:
    • Public roundtable and stakeholder consultation sessions held across the province;
    • Public survey;
    • Internal public library staff survey; and
    • Acceptance of written submissions.

  • Analysis of the current service delivery landscape, including:
    • Locations;
    • Types of services currently offered;
    • Service delivery methods;
    • Service standards; and
    • Usage

  • Review of the current governance structure
  • Research of innovations and leading practices from other jurisdictions

EY will deliver a final report to the Provincial Government and the Provincial Information and Library Resources Board to provide recommendations and considerations to inform decision-making of the future of the provincial public library system.

Operating Principles

  • The purpose of this review is to examine the current state of the library system in the Province, engage stakeholders, explore innovations and leading practices in library service delivery in other jurisdictions, and provide recommendations to inform decision-making on the future of the library system in the Province.
    • EY, the consultant engaged on this review, will not be making recommendations in relation to the closure of specific libraries, but will propose guidance and considerations for the Provincial Government and the Provincial Information and Library Resources Board to support them in making decisions regarding library system service delivery.

  • The report produced by this review should feed into a broader strategy for improving the Province‚Äôs library system.

  • The recommendations and road-map to be presented in the report will require prioritization based on a number of factors, some of which include: need/demand, logical sequencing (including laying down the basic foundations for library services), and fiscal realities. Any recommendations made will consider implications to the Public Libraries Act

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