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Love our Local Authors Month - Trivia Answers

Day Twenty-Seven:
Which author well-known for writing Young Adult authors has a book called The House of the Wooden Santas?

A: Kevin Major

Day Twenty-Six:
Which Newfoundland Author is the only Newfoundlander to have won Canada

A: Lisa Moore for "February"

Day Twenty-Five:
What is the oldest Newfoundland book we have in our rare book vault?

A: Richard Whitbourne's book, publication date 1622 - A discovrse and discovery of Nevv-fovnd-land, with many reasons to prooue how worthy and beneficiall a Plantation may there be made, after a far better manner than now it is :together with the laying open of certaine enormities and abuses committed by some that trade to that countrey, and the meanes laide downe for reformation thereof /written by Captaine Richard Whitbourne of Exmouth, in the County of Deuon, and published by authority ; as also, an inuitation : and likewise certaine letters sent from that countrey ; which are printed in the latter part of this booke.

Day Twenty-Four:
Who is the 2016 writer-in-residence at MUN?


Day Twenty-three:
Who wrote the most well-known history of Nfld – A History of Newfoundland from the English, Colonial and Foreign Records, in 1895.


Day Twenty-Two:
He is known as the writer and composer of "Squid Jigging Ground".


Day Twenty-One:
She has been a typist, radio broadcaster, librarian and activist during her
lifetime of writing.


Day Twenty:
He has won the Stephen Leacock Centennial Award.


Day Nineteen:
Who wrote the play "Saltwater Moon" that is a perennial favourite
at the Peace Cove Inn in Trinity?


Day Eighteen:
In 1955, she started compiling a systematic
bibliography of Newfoundland which is a searchable database called Periodical
Article Bibliography


Day Seventeen:
Which author has Billy Topsail as his best known character?


Day Sixteen:
What Newfoundland book was a Canada Reads 2016 contender?

A: "Minister Without Portfolio" by Michael Winter

Day Fifteen:
She was one of our first native-born professional writers. She was also one of the leaders of the women's sufferage in the province.

A: Margaret Duley

Day Fourteen:
This romance writer was raised above her family's fish and chips restaurant?

A: Victoria Barbour

Day Thirteen:
In what community was Woman of Labrador author Elizabeth Goudie born?

A: Mud Lake, Labrador

Day Twelve:
This poetess was known for being a nurse, painting watercolours and penning beautiful poems?

A: Georgiana Cooper

Day Ten:
He wrote a lot of scripts of the Dept of Education's School Broadcasts as well as publishing several volumes of poetry?

A: Tom Dawe

Day Nine:
Who wrote "Be you a library missionary, Miss?"

A: Jessie Miffelin

Day Eight:
He complied and published a sealing register for many years?

A: Levi Chafe

Day Seven:
Which novel by which Newfoundland author has been adapted for television by the local production company Take the Shot Productions?

A: Caught by Lisa Moore

Day Six:  
Who is thought to have written the first publication of a native Labradorian?

A:  Lydia Campbell, Her Father's Diary published in  The Evening Herald in 1894

Day Five:
She was a playwright and founder of the St. John's Players?

A: Grace Butt

Day Four:
Who was the Bard of Prescott Street, known for songs such as the Kelligrews Soiree?

A: Johnny Burke

Day Three:
Who was published and editor of the Newfoundland Woman's Magazine from 1961 -1964?

A: Cassie Brown

Day Two:
Who Wrote a book about commerce and trade in Newfoundland in 1809? There's a street named for him in St. John's.

A: Lewis Anspach

Day One:
What town is the main setting for OF SEA AND SEED, Book I of My Kerrigan Chronicles series?

A: Argentia


Love our Local Authors Month

lola splashFeburary is Love our Local Authors month at Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries

For the month of February, all of the Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries are partnering with local publishing firms to promote our local authors in a celebration we call - LOVE OUR LOCAL AUTHORS or LOLA!

You can love our local authors by checking out a book (either print, audio or ebook), coming to a reading and other events in the library.  Call your local library to see what is happening or check out our LOLA Events Calendar, your local libraries Facebook page and twitter using the hash tag #LOLA.

Daily Trivia and Featured Author Book

Check back each day during Feburary for a trivia question.  The answer to the daily question will be posted on the following day. As well each day we will feature a different local author's book, check back each day for something new!.

Trivia of the Day

Day Twenty-Eight:
Who is regarded as Newfoundland's
best-known poet?

Day Twenty-Seven:
Which author well-known for writing Young Adult authors has a book called The House of the Wooden Santas?
A: Kevin Major

Day Twenty-Six:
Which Newfoundland Author is the only Newfoundlander to have won Canada Reads?
A: Lisa Moore for "February"

Archived Trivia Questions and Answers

Book Cover of the Day

Day 28 Bullet the New Steam Engine Book of The Day!



Bookclub Kits-to-go: Newfoundland Authors

Are you a member or run a local book club?  Newfoundland Public Libraries offers our patrons complete Book Club Kits at select library locations.  Download our available Book Club kits which feature local authors.

Download: Newfoundland Author Book Club List

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